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Celebrate your life's meaning through sharing stories.

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Are you worried your stories will be forgotten?

Your stories, truths and lessons need to be passed down and remembered.

You may be ready to share your stories, but you don't know where or how to start.

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This course will help you recall details and organize your memories.

One of the most important parts of being a good writer is the attention required to organize your thoughts. By focusing on specific incidents and events and utilizing techniques to help recall specific details, this course will help you capture the stories of your life. Remember a memoir is not an autobiography — this will not be your entire life's story, but it will capture your spirit and be a treasure for you and generations to come. 

Lisa T. says:

"Jan's innate curiosity, creativity, passion and compassion create the perfect recipe for an extraordinarily gifted teacher, and I don't say that about many people-perhaps five in my life. Her lessons are brilliant--gentle on the surface but have a way of encouraging participants to search for and then follow the deeper threads. I have made new connections among events and discovered themes I didn't know were there. My life makes more sense to me than the day I started the course.  What a profound gift!"

I understand why your story is important.

I’ve been writing my memoir as a newspaper columnist every single week for the last 20 years — and have a book version too. Working within the framework I've built, you can write your memoir too.

by Jan Risher
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Here's How We'll Get It Done

Access the course.

You'll begin immediately on a guided process to share your story. Plus, you'll meet cohorts to work with through the course. You'll be able to share your stories with them and learn theirs too.

Gather your tidbits.

Writing a memoir takes some digging. We'll encourage you to look back through memory prompts of your life. You will learn where to find the most interesting and important details.

Share your stories.

To find your real and best stories, we will go beyond the veneer. All stories do not have neat arcs. In this course, you will work through your stories to recognize more than you might expect.  

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Sign up now for asynchronous class which runs through Dec. 30, 2021. 

Guided Online Course

This is more than 10 weeks worth of writing activities to help you create your own memoir, guided by Jan Risher, Author of Looking to the Stars from Old Algiers and Other Long Stories Short. The class will feature occasional live Zoom sessions to be announced and will run through Dec. 30, 2021. (Deadlines are great motivators for writing!) You'll also be a part of  a community of other writers working on their on memoirs. w









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Part of being a good writer is about being a good reader — even when by reading books you might otherwise have never heard of or considered! To get Jan's top recommendations to inspire yourself to get started on your own memoir, simply fill out this short form. You'll be send the recommendations in an email. 

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Happy to share recommendations that will give you ideas and fodder to share your own stories. 

Secure your story as your legacy

In Jan Risher’s Online Memoir Writing Course, we know you want your story to be heard. In order to do that, you need a trusted source who can help you make your story tangible.

The problem may be that you don’t even know where to start, which could make you feel worried that your stories will be forgotten. We believe, philosophically, that your truth should be left as your legacy. We understand your story is important. Jan Risher has been writing her memoir as a columnist every single week for the last 20 years. She has taught hundreds of others how to capture their own stories. 

Here’s how she can help you:

Step 1: Access the memoir writing course.

Step 2: Gather the tidbits of your life.

Step 3: Share your story with those you love and beyond.

So, sign up now. In the meantime, download the top three books you should read to prepare to write your memoir so your stories won’t be forgotten and you will secure your story as your legacy.

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